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The Fat Uncle - Our Story

Luke was a commercial fisherman from 14 years old and has always had an interest in aquaculture fishing and the water, spending a lot of time at his uncle’s oyster farm on the south coast of NSW. As he got older and his family grew he decided to invest in an oyster lease to see his family through his retirement years. But the vision blossomed and instead, Luke and his wife Vanessa bought a farm and whole oyster business in the idyllic setting of Karuah and Fat Uncle Oysters was born. 


Fat Uncle Oysters is a proud member of the Karuah oyster community and we are very lucky to be a part of this supportive and sustainable farming community. 


It’s very important to all the oyster farmers here that we do the right thing by the industry, support each other and the environment so all our processes do the least amount of environmental harm and don’t use any chemicals. 


We love the challenge of running the farm, being near the water and building a business together as a family. It’s rewarding watching their work directly impact their lives and being able to show their kids the value of hard work.

The name? It's our daughter's wifi name, besides, we wouldn't call Luke's uncle fat anyway...

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